Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Temple recommend interview...Oct. 4th

Written Oct. 4th

I had my appointment with the Bishop last night to see
how much longer it needs to be before I can go back to
the temple. We went through the interview questions
and it was really interesting the difference in the
feeling I had this time as opposed to previous times
I've had interviews. When it got to the last two
questions, I was able to easily answer them, but I'm
so used to hating the last two questions that even
after he asked them and I answered them, I was still
waiting for "the last two questions that make me feel
awkward as I answer them. It wasn't until he closed
his book that I realized he had already asked them and
that it was over. I didn't have that feeling in my gut
telling me that I need to tell him something, so that
was awesome.

He said that the only thing right now that might stop
me going to the temple is that I believe in domestic
partner rights. I explained to him that I don't think
it's fair that if a same sex couple have been together
for X number of years, and one lies in the hospital
dieing, that the other can't see them because they
aren't immediate family. He said that he understood
where I was coming from, but that it might be
construed as sympathizing or agreeing with a cause
whose teachings are contrary to those of the Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He said the way we
might be able to "get around it" is that he doesn't
think that the Church has made any specific statement
regarding domestic partner benefits. I didn't like the
way he worded "get around it", because I feel like
that's what I've been doing all these
years....justifying. He's going to try to find out if
any official statements have been made and if there
have, then he's going to talk to the Stake Pres. and
find out whether or not that will keep me from going.
I just have to say that I think that will be really
messed up if it does. I'm simply for equal rights. I
don't go out and picket for gay marriage or anything
like that. It's just a personal belief.


Blogger David said...

Although I disagree with you policy-wise, I think the Church may allow for more disagreement on this than your Bishop may think.

I may be wrong too but you may want him to consider reading this interview with Elders Ballard and Cook:

IDEAS: You got tapped on the shoulder to be an apostle. The dean of Harvard Business School was asked to go to Idaho. It seems like the president of the church can tell people what to do. Why isn't that the case for LDS elected officials?

COOK: The church does take positions on moral issues, and we hope that people will listen to that, whether they be members of the church, or whether they not be members of the church. We did support the constitutional amendment with respect to marriage being between a husband and a wife, and some of the people chose to not take that same position, but they're good faithful members of the church, and they have responsibilities to their constituents as well as to their conscience and to what they believe, and they're in full faith and fellowship with the church.

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