Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Manifestations....Sept. 27th

After I wrote the e-mail on Sept. 23rd to a group of people, someone asked me to keep them updated as to any manifestations regarding the blessing. This is what I replied on Sept. 27th.

Sunday: The day I had the blessing.

Monday: I was still feeling strong. When we first
started talking after work, I was able to leave. I
just told her I would see her tomorrow. I know this
doesn't sound like a big deal, but trust me, it was.

Tuesday: I was feeling OK, but a bit weak. We talked
for just a couple minutes in the middle of the day,
whereas I normally work 6 hours a day, the loaded me
up with things to do that kept me busy for over 12
hours. Normally, she and I get together right at 5,
but they assigned me something that lasted until 9.
There was another employee who wouldn't leave me
alone, and I thought he was about to rape me. I got
back to my bus and turned it on, thus turning on the
security cameras. Then I told him to go back to his
bus. He looked up at my camera and then complied. When
I got home, I called "A" to tell her what happened. I
think she's going to pull my video tape, but I'm not
sure. Anyway, we were keeping it completely
professional. Right when it turned personal, something
happened and she had to get off the phone. About half
an hour later, I was feeling extremely weak and wanted
to talk to her. I tried to call, but when I called her
number, it wouldn't go through. I tried 15 minutes
later, same thing, half an hour later, same thing. At
that point, I sort of yelled at Heavenly Father and
asked Him what was up with my free agency, but He
didn't give in......and now I'm glad.

Wednesday: I decided that since I get to talk to her
again on Thursday, that Wednesday is close enough.
They gave me 11 hours worth of work. When I got back
to the lot at 5:00, I was planning on talking to her.
This was the FIRST time that I've gotten back in and
she wasn't there, but alas, something came up and she
had to leave early. Now, to understand this next part,
you would have to understand that I am a huge numbers
person. One day, I ran into someone that I hadn't seen
in years. I couldn't remember her name, but I still
remembered her phone number. Anyway, I decided to call
"A" and I could not remember her number. I thought and
thought and I couldn't remember it. I thought maybe if
I just used the key pad, it would come back to me. I
ended up dialing a number but I wasn't positive it was
hers. It rang 3 times and then went to a
recording....."You've reached the voice mailbox of
_______ ___________" Crap, I dialed the Bishop's work
number. I looked up toward the sky, "Fine, I get it, I
get it.....but still, what about my free agency?"

I called the Bishop during my down time this
afternoon. He gave me a pep talk, and I
*think* I'll be OK. I meet with her in 4 hours. We are
talking, going to dinner, and then going to recovery
at church. The Bishop reminded me that if I start to
falter between 5 & 7, when I'm with her, to simply
remember that I'm just two steps away from recovery
and then therapy. (7:00 & 8:00)


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